The Name Says It All....
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System Description:

  • System Name: BPoundDDSxATR
  • Trades British Pound vs. US Dollar (GBP/USD)
  • Mostly trend following
  • Self-adjusts to changing market conditions and volatility
  • Trades on Daily Chart
  • Trades on unique combination of new and traditional indicators
  • Average Monthly Return 297+ pips
  • Greater overall profits means possibility of larger drawdown
  • Overall Profit Factor an astounding 7.89!
  • Risk factor rated as moderate
  • Maximum Single Trade Run-up 2,402 pips
  • Maximum Single Trade Drawdown 827 pips
  • Appx. 85% winning trades
  • Enters each trade with 2 lots and takes profit on 1 lot to protect profits
  • Typical recovery time after drawdown 4 weeks
  • Recommended account size - full lots: $25,000.00; mini lots: $2,500.00
  • Stable and reliable system
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Every Saturday we publish each system's latest Tradestation® Performance Report so that you can follow the system's progress yourself.
      This system looks for trend formation and once established will stay with the trend to attempt to take maximum profits.  To protect profits the system enters each trade with two lots and will take profits on a single lot once a user defined profit target is reached.  The system takes advantage of the agressiveness of this market's fast moves and volatility.  This system also self-adjusts to changes in market conditions.
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System Name:
System Release Date - May 15, 2006
Friday's Weekly "BPoundDDSxATR"
Performance Report:
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